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Should you take your kids outside during the Coronavirus? Hell yes.

I woke up last night with a horrible thought, "What if, after weeks of sheltering at home, my kids are afraid to leave the house?" It got worse, "What if ALL the children in the entire world become agoraphobic?"

Ok, clearly the thoughts that wake me at 1:00 am are often irrational, but I awoke in a panic, none the less.

Then I remembered...our time outdoors, that will save us! And no one said you can't go outside. In fact, the mental health professionals recommend it, especially right now, as a way of combating our collective stress.

Kids are able to run wild outdoors - exploring, jumping, getting mud on their hands and faces...we are giving them such a gift when we take them outside! We are reminding them that the world can be a magical, safe place filled with beauty. A place where they can feel free.

The days that we get out to explore are our best days. The fresh air, freedom, and exercise gives us a real lift. We get along better and sleep more soundly - proven benefits of time spent outdoors.

Although we are now looking for trails that are less busy and closer to home, we will continue to explore and share our findings with you.

I would put outdoor time on the "essential" list. I truly believe it's the lifeline for our kids.


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