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Kennebunk Bridle Path

Updated: May 3

This 5.6 mile out-and-back trail leads to the beautiful Madelyn Marx Preserve near the Kennebunk beaches. The wide, flat trail was once a railroad bed for the Kennebunk & Kennebunkport Railroad Company, which brought tourists and residents to the inns and homes along the beach. It parallels the Mousam River and begins in a residential area, passing private houses along the way. About 1/3 of the way in, the trail opens up to a vista of the river with wildlife viewing spots just beyond. Eventually, the Bridal Path leads to Route 9 where it connects to the Madelyn Marx Preserve for another 0.8 miles.

The Bridle Path is perfect for bikes and you may want to bring one, since it is long. Parking is located at the Sea Road School, where you'll easily spot the trailhead on the left as you drive in. I'll share an alternate parking spot if you'd like a shorter walk...keep reading. Dogs are welcome here!

We only made it about 1/2 way along this path before realizing our large, lazy dog was not going to make the full length of the trail. Lucky for us, I called my friend from Kennebunk and she told me we could drive to the other end and park on Route 9, just before the bridge crossing the river. This is exactly what we did and our parking spot was next to the trailhead for the Madelyn Marx Preserve. In my opinion, this preserve was the prettiest part of this trail network.

The 24-acre Madelyn Marx Preserve winds through the coastal salt marsh and borders the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge property. It begins on Route 9 and after 0.8 miles, ends at Sea Road, which leads to the beaches. We didn't make it that far because again, Romy tired out. But we did get to enjoy the gorgeous marsh views and bridges on this trail.

After your visit, take Route 9 East for two miles, then a left onto Port Rd. At #163, you'll find a very good, very inexpensive cup of coffee at the Coffee Roasters of the Kennebunks. When I say inexpensive, I'm talking $1 for a small and $1.75 for a large. These prices belong in another decade, but I am not complaining. And I will be back, for a coffee and the beaches and the trails. Next time, we'll bring the bikes and maybe leave the dog at home.


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