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If you haven't joined the OMP Trail Challenge yet, this fall may be your season.

Over 60 individuals, families, and/or dogs have now completed the OMP Trail Challenge, earning a $25 LL Bean gift card for exploring 5 trails from our OMP Trail Challenge list. Countless others have been out there exploring on a slower schedule and working up to 5. There is no time limit to this challenge and no right way to do it. It's your life, your pace, and your time outdoors. You define the rules.

This fall, I am partnering with CCLT (Chebeague & Cumberland Land Trust) and will be focusing on their trails in Cumberland and on Chebeague Island. I'll be hiding Seek'ems (little clay figures) for OMP Trail Challenge participants to find on these trails. I've already hidden 5 Seek'ems on Chebeague. For details on where to find them, read the full blog post here:

Now I have, at one point or another, hidden Seek'ems on all 100 trails listed for the trail challenge. However, these lovable, pocket sized keepsakes are often collected by perfectly innocent people who don't know they're part of something bigger. That is to be expected. Just giving you a heads up that the Seek'ems may or may not be there when you arrive at the designated location. You are, however, more likely to find them if you explore trails that I've recently written about. Hint, CCLT trails are where it's at this fall.

If you're new to the Trail Challenge, here is how to participate:

1. Sign up for our newsletter and follow @outdoormovementproject on instagram for new trail ideas. 2. Hike the trail, or any of the trails from our list and post a photo on instagram. Social media is not required for this challenge! You can also email your photos to

3. If you find a Seek'em, please leave it on the trail for other trail challenger's to discover. 4. If you are on social media, tag @outdoormovementproject and use the hashtag #omptrailchallenge 5. Complete any 5 trails from our list of 100 trails in Southern Maine, then email us and we will send you a gift card! For a paper version of the trails list, purchase my book here:

If you've already completed 5 trails, I encourage you to keep on going! And yes, you can earn another gift card each time you complete 5 trails.

Reach out with questions and I hope to see you out there on the trails!

xo Jill


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