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Trail Challenge

A FREE trail challenge for all seasons, ages, and abilities
on your local trails. 

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The Seek'em Project is a starting-off point for learning about the endless trails that are available in Southern Maine. It will show you that beauty can be found in your backyard and that hiking is for any season, any age, any ability. 


To participate in the challenge, follow the steps below!

How it works



STEP 1: Sign up for our newsletter below. You will receive a weekly email with details on where to find the hidden Seek'ems, plus info on other hikes and outdoor opportunities. 







STEP 2: Hike the trail we've shared about or choose any of the trails from our Southern Maine Trail List that interest you.

STEP 3. If you locate a Seek'em, please leave it on the trail, where found, for others to discover.


STEP 4. Take a photo somewhere on the trail. 


STEP 5. Once you've completed any 5 trails from our posts or Southern Maine Trail List, email your 5 photos* to and we'll send you a $25 L.L. Bean gift card! Why? Because L.L. Bean generously offered to support the challenge with gift cards. 

* If you don't feel like bringing a phone or camera on your hike to take photos, just email a list of your 5 trails. We work on the honor system. 


All are welcome. Join us outdoors!


How it started

In the spring of 2020, I set out to hike the 37 Portland Trails with my two boys. We soon branched out to other land trusts in Greater Portland. When my boys returned to school, I continued to explore with my dog. Through these hikes, the OMP Trail challenge, blog, Southern Maine Trails guide and newsletter were created, sharing over 100 trails and counting. I started hiding little clay guys on the trails to give kids something exciting to look for - motivation for venturing out on a hike. One of the trail challenge participants (Magnolia) named them Seek'ems and it stuck. We don't hide them on every trail, but we will give you the details on where to find the ones we've hidden. 

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