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Wonder Brook Preserve, Kennebunk

Updated: Feb 17

I'd almost scratched this trail from my list, then made the better decision to go ahead and explore it. Glad I made the right choice, this trail is truly a wonder.

This 1.8 mile loop is great for snowshoeing, hiking and dogs. A peaceful sanctuary infused with sunshine and river views, these trails wind through upland forest, across brooks and along the banks of the Kennebunk River. They are ideal for bird watching, especially during migration when birds can be seen here in abundance. This 27-acre preserve is adjacent to the 45-acre Wonder Brook Park, totaling nearly 80 acres. It is managed by the Kennebunk Land Trust. In my opinion, they've done a great job maintaining the trails, signage and trail markers.

Before you head out on this trail, make sure you have some sort of ice cleats for traction. It is slick out there! Instead of using my favorite Kahtoola Microspikes, I chose my smaller running cleats for the trail. This worked out just fine, but I would highly recommend using something.

There is a small parking lot for this trail at the end of a residential dead end street at 16 Plummer Lane in Kennebunk. We took the loop counter clockwise, starting on the white trail, then quickly connecting with the red trail.

Follow the outer loop of the red trail until reaching the short spur to the overlook. See short blue line in map above.

Enjoy the overlook, but let me inform you that there is a better one coming. Continue along the red trail until it reconnects with the white trail. This will take you on the outermost circle, adding up to almost two miles total.

I did not see another soul on this walk, although there were two cars in the parking lot. I'm curious to see what this trail looks like in the summer. The beauty of hiking year round is that each trail feels like four. Exploring the same trail during different seasons brings new experiences. For me, it will never get old. The awe and wonder I feel in the woods of Maine, in all seasons, is the thing that keeps me coming back for more. I hope you enjoy this one!


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