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Two Lights State Park Loop, Cape Elizabeth

If you're new to these weekly trail challenges, welcome to the adventure!

Each Wednesday morning, I will share details about a new trail to explore in Greater Portland with clues about where to find the Seek'em (little clay fella) I've hidden for you on that trail.

If you've been with me for a while and are wondering when/if we will run out of new trails to explore, I'm here to tell you, we are just getting started. The glorious list of trails to discover in southern Maine is endless. Too long to actually make a list, so you'll just have to trust me on this one.

So glad you've joined us, here we go...

The Two Lights State Park Loop includes 1.1 miles of gorgeous ocean cliffs, forest trails, wildflowers, a playground, an old fort and a small pond. Dogs are ok, but must be kept on leash. Just an FYI, my dog is wearing a leash, it just may not be attached to my arm. Details.

This park has a large parking lot and bathrooms...all the helpful things. I brought a group of kids here and they played happily along the rocks for quite a while. The cliffs offer all kinds of climbing, hiding, and rock skipping opportunities - otherwise known as heaven to a kid.

To locate our Seek'em, head left from the parking lot, towards the playground.

Just beyond the playground, you'll see a small pond with a trailhead to the right of it.

As you head onto the trail, you will see a birch tree straight ahead. Our Seek'em is hidden inside. Here's a picture..

Now, if you're new to this game, I should forewarn you that sometimes, the Seek'em is not hiding in the spot where we've left him. The truth is, he's pretty darn cute. Sometimes, cute things are coveted and sometimes, they go home with adoring fans. It's all part of the game and part of the fun. If you do find our friend, feel free to carry him around for a while, but please return him to his hiding spot. If you don't find our friend, I guess it's just a practice in the impermanence of things. And after all, the goal is to enjoy the hunt and the adventure. That said, I do hope you find the Seek'em to spare you from any disappointment. And finding one is like gold at the end of the rainbow.

Best of luck and happy hunting!

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