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Two Lights State Park Loop, Cape Elizabeth

Updated: Feb 17

The Two Lights State Park Loop includes 1.1 miles of gorgeous ocean cliffs, forest trails, wildflowers, a playground, an old fort and a small pond. Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leash. Just an FYI, my dog is wearing a leash, it just may not be attached to my arm. Details...

This park has a large parking lot and bathrooms...all the helpful things. I brought a group of kids here and they played happily along the rocks for quite a while. The cliffs offer all kinds of climbing, hiding, and rock skipping opportunities - otherwise known as heaven to a kid.

Head left from the parking lot, towards the playground.

Just beyond the playground, you'll see a small pond with a trailhead to the right of it.

Explore this trail as it winds down to the water, or head back towards the parking lot and take the stairs leading up and then down to the rocky coastline.


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