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Stroudwater Trail, Portland

Updated: Feb 19

This 3.3 mile trail follows the banks of the Stroudwater river and includes packed-earth, boardwalks, bridges, wood and stone stairs. There are also benches and scenic outlooks along the way. The middle of this trail (near the Blueberry Road trailhead) is closed during winter months to protect Portland's deer habitats. This is the section that

gets a bit more difficult, so I would only recommend it if you're up for hilly trails through dense forest.

The parking lot and trailhead are located at 13 River's Edge Drive, a residential rode off of outer Congress St. not far from the airport. The parking entrance feels like a private driveway, but there are 4-5 spaces for cars and you will see the Portland Trails sign. At the start of the trail, take the long stone staircase and follow the winding path along the river.

The trail goes on for quite a long while and eventually leads to Westbrook and Smiling Hill Farm. There are some gorgeous sections with ferns and quiet woods.

I come here when I am in need of a less busy trail and these woods are great in all seasons. It consistently offers peace, beauty and solitude. Enjoy!


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