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Rock Ridge, Cumberland

This quiet, 1.4 mile loop follows a stream through thick forest with one expansive opening near the power lines. Hunting, mountain bikes and motorized vehicles are prohibited here, so when I say it's quiet, I mean it.

This 39-acre property, owned by the Chebeague & Cumberland Land Trust (CCLT), protects wetlands, streams and diverse wildlife habitat. For more details and maps of the property, visit CCLT's website here.

A trailhead and small parking lot are located on Rock Ridge Run, which is off of Harris Road, between Tuttle Road and Longwoods Road in Cumberland. For the easy directions, just put Rock Ridge Run into your GPS and be grateful we live in the 21st Century. Once you pull onto Rock Ridge Run, the parking, kiosk and trailhead will be down on the right.

You can start at this kiosk and follow the loop counter-clockwise like I did, or cross the street and find the other trailhead to follow the loop clockwise. Go my way if you want to find the Seek'em.

The surface of this trail has roots, rocks and sections of water. There is also an incline shortly after starting out. Once you've reached the top of the small hill, look for the Rock Ridge Trail sign, just before the trail winds to the left, heading back downhill. To the right of the Rock Ridge Trail sign is a CCLT sign on a cluster of trees. Look behind the tree holding the CCLT sign to find our Seek'em.

This trail is wet and there are several stream crossings, so waterproof footwear is helpful here (do as I say, not as I do).

Continue following the white trail blazes and CCLT signs that will lead you along the entire loop. After winding through the woods for some time, you will arrive at a section that heads towards the power lines. This section quickly loops back into the woods - blink and you'll miss it. And seriously, don't blink, or you'll miss the helpful white blazes pointing you back towards the woods...and your car.

The fall colors, winter berry and flowing stream brought life to this trail today. Bring a friend, bring your dog, bring yourselves. Just remember to bring your boots!


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