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River Link Trail, Westbrook

Updated: Feb 17

I can't seem to find a write up of this trail anywhere, although the sign at the trailhead says River Link Trail. When I locate it on google maps, it comes up as "Portland Trails Trailhead st Landing". The only reason I found this trail at all, an adventurous woman who'd already discovered it brought me here. Thanks Mom.

The trailhead is located on Landing Road, just past the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. You will see a few parking spaces on the left, off to the side of Landing Road. There are trails on either side of the road, but if you want to find our Seek'em, take the trailhead closest to the parking spaces. You will see this sign at the start of it.

Follow the trail over this bridge.

Soon you will see an option to take a trail on your left. Take this trail and head on over another small bridge.

You will eventually be led into a forest of trees.

From here, I honestly can't remember where we went. Maybe we turned back and explored the trails across the street. To be honest, I did this one weeks ago and can't remember this trail to save my life. I'm laughing out loud right now as I attempt to give you instructions from my fuzzy memory about how to find a needle in a haystack...on an unnamed trail. Maybe this is one of those times when you should just follow your gut and keep expectations low.

Low expectations = high success rate.

I'll leave you with some additional photos from this magical mystery ride. Enjoy whatever you may or may not find here. A stop at the Animal Refuge League can be a nice way to end your journey.


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