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Pratt's Brook Park, Yarmouth

Pratt's Brook is Yarmouth's largest park. At over 220-acres, it includes over 6 miles of trails for hiking and cross country skiing. Sorry mountain bikers, this and other activities that could damage the trails are prohibited. The good news, dogs are allowed. You win some, you lose some.

These serene trails offer piney woods, open meadows, bridges, stream-side overlooks, blueberry fields, a disc golf field, an active beaver pond, great horned owls and a rocky waterfall on the Otter Trail (or so I've read).

We parked at the Berryfield Road trailhead, but the main trailhead is off of North Road, which is a little over a mile from East Main Street and includes parking for 30 cars. If you plan to search for our Seek'em, park at Berryfield Road and look to the small birch trees on the right, just before the trailhead. Again, I forgot to hide the Seek'em during our walk (gosh darn puppy distraction), so hid him right at the start of the trail...easy for you to locate. You're welcome.

Here are a few more pictures of this beautiful place. Enjoy your visit here and don't forget to wear your masks. We're all done with them, but we're in the final stretch...hopefully.

Being on trails like these provide such a refuge from all of the accumulated stress we are feeling. Take your time here, take deep breaths and fill that bucket up.

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