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Pineland Farms Corn Maze, New Gloucester

Updated: Feb 17

This maze happens every fall from September 3rd through October 31st. If you haven't done this maze with your kids, it's your year.

Sure it may summon that eerie feeling you had watching Stephen King's "Children of the Corn", but you'll hold it together for your kids. And hopefully, they have no idea about that movie. My kids have heard me talk about childhood nightmares from watching it when I was far too young, but they've never seen it themselves. Henry loves to ask me about "Kids in the Cornfield", which always cracks me up. His version sounds a bit less terrifying.

To visit the maze, go to the Pineland website here.

Tickets are $5 per person, ages 2 and under are free. The pass will grant you access to the 5-acre corn maze, pumpkin patch and a self-guided tour of the farm. You will be asked to sign up for a two hour time slot, between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm.

They will give you a map of the maze at check-in, but if you want to lengthen your time in the cornfield, you can attempt the route without one. That's what we decided to do and the whole thing took us about an hour.

The address for Pineland Farms is 15 Farm View Drive in New Gloucester. Once you've entered the main road leading to the farm, follow the signs for the corn maze. It will take you all the way past the market/cafe, then left down a long hill towards the many barns. There is a small parking lot and visitor's center for check in, before heading up the hill towards the maze and pumpkin patch.

Once you've made it through, head on over to visit the farm animals. There are several different barns you are allowed to visit for your self-guided tour. We chose just one with cows, closest to the parking lot. Watch out for those long, alien cow tongues. They'll reach right out and grab you!


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