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Pine Grove Preserve, Falmouth

Updated: Feb 17

I'd driven past this trailhead a hundred times without noticing it. Until one day recently when the small parking lot for this lush forest caught my attention and I just knew I had to pull my car into it.

The trailhead for this 1.4 mile loop is located off of Route 88 in Falmouth, past the Pine Grove School on your left. This 27-acre, mature pine forest includes several connecting trails, but it's still hard to get lost here...even for me.

All Trails says that this forest includes a nature walk with 12 interpretive stations is in the center of the preserve behind the Pine Grove School. I wasn't aware of this, since this was an unplanned trip, so must have bypassed it somehow. Still, I recommend exploring it. Why not?

During my visit, I followed the loop counterclockwise. I can't remember how far along the loop I discovered this tiny knit art, hugging a tree, but it's something fun to search for.

From here, continue to the end...and the start, full circle. Enjoy these quiet woods alone, with kids or with your dog! They are allowed here.


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