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Old Town House Park, North Yarmouth

Updated: Feb 17

With 55 acres and 3.1 miles of trails that wander through big open fields, through woodlands and along the Royal River, this place is the perfect outing for all ages. To top it off, dogs are allowed of leash. You really can't go wrong by choosing these trails.

This Park is located off of Memorial Highway and owned by the North Yarmouth Historical Society. You will know that you've arrived at the entrance to the large parking lot when you spot the Old Town House, a small white building that once served as the town's meeting hall and schoolhouse. This building was restored in 1976 and is now available for rental. What you would do here, I haven't a clue, but I think it's pretty cool that they saved it from demolition.

Much of the wetland area here is protected by a Federal easement to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. Oh Rachel Carson, you are just the gift that keeps on giving.

This park contains 62 acres of wide open space, if you are searching for that feeling of expansion. We chose to stay on the paths that wind through the fields, along the woods this time. Although I have been to the trails along the river in the summer months and they are lovely.

Follow the path to your left from the parking lot/main kiosk. This will wind along the perimeter of open fields, with several opportunities to enter wooded trails leading down to the river. Enjoy!


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