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Mill Brook Preserve via MAGAN Trailhead, Westbrook

Updated: Feb 17

A game of Crossy Road, followed by a hike well worth the risk.

I've shared information about this preserve many times, since it is one of my favorites. However, this is a new trailhead for me and a completely new section for you to visit.

We've explored the lower loop of the preserve from the Perry Court Trailhead. Now we will discover the upper section of trail, starting at the MAGAN Trailhead off of Route 302.

Here is a map of the entire trail network, followed by a map of the section we will talk about today.

Parking is on Willow Drive (street parking, no lot here), off of 302. Here comes the Crossy Road part. You actually need to cross Route 302 to get to the trailhead. We all know Route 302 and it is not the easiest to merge your car onto, let alone cross as a pedestrian. Be prepared to wait for a wide opening in traffic and please cross with caution.

After successfully crossing Route 302, you will find a small kiosk and large open grassy area leading to the trailhead. Today, Romy and I walked from this trailhead to the Northern Trailhead and back, which is a total of 4.2 miles. Lucky for you, I hid the Seek'em only .9 miles into the trail, so you do not need to go as far as we did.

Once you've entered the woods, you will soon arrive at a sign for the 7 Bridges Trail on the right. Take this one and walk over, let's see, 7 bridges.

At your next intersection, stay right to head towards the Northern Fish Viewing Pool. The trail is similar to the lower section we know and love, but it feels a little more quiet and maybe less traveled.

From here, either continue north for a longer hike, or head back towards the MAGAN Trailhead.

My next adventure is to start at the MAGAN Trailhead and walk down to the Perry Court Trailhead. SO much to explore. Each section of this preserve is just as beautiful as the next, but each has it's own feel. It's not something I can put my finger on, so you'll just have to experience it for yourself. Safe travels!


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