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Midslope Trail, Portland

Updated: Feb 17

This hidden trail is truly tucked away, just up the hill from the more well known Eastern Promenade Trail. A few reasons we love this trail - stellar views, less traffic, and close proximity to all that the Eastern Prom has to offer, which is a whole lot.

This trail is only 1 mile long and connects Loring Memorial and the East End Community School with East End Beach. For ways to access this trail, find a map on the Portland Trails website here.

We are going to take you on a different route to this trail. A route we created because it's scenic and fun.

To start, park on the Eastern Promenade near the basketball courts, which are located about halfway between Quebec Street and Walnut Street (where they intersect the Promenade). This is one of our favorite basketball courts in the city. The view! Come on!

Side note, the playground is not too far from here if that is more your speed. This playground also offers incredible views. Plus, the food trucks. I could go on and on about the Eastern Prom, but I'll move on to the trail.

Shoot some hoops if you're into basketball, then go explore the extensive community gardens behind the courts.

Here is where our walk to the trail begins. Head towards the water, between the two garden plots. You will arrive at a surprisingly large expanse of grass, benches and an overlook. Honestly, I never knew this was here before today. There is just so much to discover in Portland.

Head left from here, walking behind the baseball field and not much farther and up on the right, you will see the dirt path that connects with the Midslope Trail.

This will lead you to an area where you could go left or right. Stay right as the trail follows along the water, with some incredible views.

This trail continues on until it reaches the Cutter Street Parking Lot. This is the lot at the end of the winding road that leads down to East End Beach. If you have the time, follow the trail all the way to the beach and enjoy skipping some rocks! We had the first day of school to get home for, so no beach for us today. Still, the short walk along the Midslope Trail, plus the basketball, did help to calm some first day nerves. Exercise is kryptonite for anxiety. The best part, it's free with no negative side effects.

Enjoy your Eastern Prom adventure!


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