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Maquoit Bay Conservation Trail, Brunswick

Updated: Feb 16

Before today, it had been several months since Romy and I had ventured out, just the two of us, to explore a new trail. Our family had the best intentions for a slow, easy summer, planning just three vacations over some long weekends. But by August, I'd been officially swept up in the whirlwind of all the fun being offered in the summer. Overnight, I'd become a full-time fun juggler, saying "yes" to all of the invitations and "no" to any down time. It happens to the best of us and although I don't regret any of the great memories we made, I'm excited for fall...and the return to pockets of quiet.

The Maquoit Bay Conservation Trail is short, sweet and quiet. Just what the doctor ordered. I had some trail guides to deliver at Hatch in Brunswick and decided to search for a new trail while I was up there. This one came up on All Trails and I was instantly drawn to the water photos. The real water views, did not disappoint.

The out and back trail is 1.5 miles total. It's mostly flat, but rooty towards the end, so wheels would have a harder time closer to the water. The only other person I saw here was a Parks & Rec employee on a bike. He warned me about the upcoming hunting season, which is permitted at this 124-acre park. Bow season begins this weekend, so if you visit, make sure to wear your orange.

This trail is great for birding, snowshoeing, dog walking (on leash), and hiking. It ends at a rocky outcrop overlooking the bay. Romy and I hung out here for a while, enjoying the peace. It's just a beautifully serene spot.

Although the quiet felt a bit foreign to both of us today, it was rejuvenating. If you haven't taken a solo walk through the woods in a while, I encourage you to do so. I'm sure you've had your own share of fun juggling this summer. It's time to grab yourself some "me time", preferably in a soul filling place like this.


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