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Little River Preserve, Gorham

With over 28 acres of woods and paths that wind along the Little River, this sweet spot is the perfect little escape. The woods here include hemlock and aspen, with a variety of wildflowers in the springtime. We walked through a rich forest of ferns and moss, which provided some much needed color during this gray season.

The trails here are well marked. From the parking lot, located at 258-260 Gray Road, the trail first enters a thicket, then crosses a field to Aspen Lane (a cul-de-sac). Take a right when you reach the road and you'll find the trailhead about 100 yards down, across the street. We took the blue trail, which was .75 miles looping. Take blue and white for more difficult terrain and a longer hike at 1.25 miles. Dogs are allowed on leash. Just disregard the leash that doesn't exist in our pictures. It's the invisible kind.

I hate to share this, yet again, but I forgot to hide a Seek'em here for you. Full disclosure, I didn't even bring one in the car! What kind of adventure planner am I anyway? Apparently, one that has been underprepared the last couple of weeks. I could blame the puppy again, but really, it's probably just me. I'll be working on my organizational skills in 2021.

I did find something for you to search for - an extra large fairy or gnome home on the blue trail. Just tell your kids that this was my plan all along. The Seek'ems just weren't up for the trip today..maybe too cold.

The other thing we found was this really inviting bench. Bring along a nice hot mug of coffee, maybe some leftover holiday fudge and have yourself a sit. I'm sure you've earned it.

Lastly, here is a picture of the trailhead after you've crossed Aspen Lane. There is a small Presumpscot Regional Land Trust sign on the tree to the left as you enter. They manage this serene spot...along with so many others. PRLT, we are grateful for you.

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