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Horton Woods, Saco

Updated: Feb 17

When I read that this wildlife preserve was home to the largest red maple tree in Maine, I had to go...cannot resist a treasure hunt. This 100 acre sanctuary includes upland forest, marsh, stream, vernal pools, bog and fields. The parking lot is located at 464 Buxton Road in Saco, a less than 30 minute drive from Portland. After parking, take the 1.3 mile Blue Heron Trail (blue blazes), which stretches along woodlands, an open meadow and Stockpole Brook.

After taking the new bridge over Stockpole Creek, you will find yourself on the Beaver Path Trail, which follows the creek for .35 miles.

At the end of Beaver Path, you will arrive at a fork in the path. Take the path mostly followed. I'm guessing this would be the Red Maple Trail on the left, marked by red blazes. This looping trail is a total distance of .45 miles. You will find the largest red maple in the State located about halfway around the loop. We gave this giant, gnarly tree a giant hug. It may be my wild imagination, but I swear the kids had some renewed energy after connecting with that tree. At any rate, it was quite a sight to behold and I do hope you can go see it for yourself.


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