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Hawke's Preserve, Gorham

Updated: Feb 17

Hugging trees, shade and the thing we are all longing for this week. Swimming holes.

This trail is yet another sweet surprise that's owned and managed by the Presumpscot Regional Land Trust. It is also a great one for hot weather, as it offers swimming and shade.

Located at 54 Tow Path Road in Gorham, the 1 mile loop winds along the Presumpscot River, then through the hemlock forest. This trail was once part of the Cumberland and Oxford Canal path. It was also part of the traditional lands of the Wabanaki People for over 10,000 years.

No hunting is allowed here, pets are permitted and the trail is easy for all ages.

We took this loop counter-clockwise, starting on the trail that follows the river. You will pass by stairs for a portage on the right, then a peaceful pond on your left. Take a swim here on a hot the river, not the pond of course. You will pass a sign that explains more about this preserve, followed by a new-ish bridge.

Just beyond this bridge, start looking for a giant tree hugging a smaller tree. Here's a picture of the happy couple.

The trail will wander on for a while before coming to a sharp left into the forest.

Continue through the forest until you reach the second trailhead, located behind Great Falls Elementary School. There is a short opening here, but the trail does pick up again. Just keep on walking and you'll find those blue blazes. Eventually, this trail leads back to the beginning. Short and sweet. Soul filling as always. Enjoy!


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