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Hackett & Minot Trails, Harpswell

Some of you may have seen my Instagram post about the community Easter egg hunt that happened here last week. Some of you actually made it to the trail to hunt for the beautifully painted rocks that were tucked along the mossy paths. If not, have no FOMO, because I've hid a Seek'em on this trail for you. Now you have another reason to visit these trails and another object to hunt for. I'm also pretty certain that Easter will come again next year and I'm assuming this community hunt is an annual affair. Just giving you something to look forward to...which, as I've mentioned before, is one of the keys to a happy life.

This 1.1 mile looping trail is located off of Littlefield Road in Harpswell. Park at the Harpswell Historical Society, at 929 Harpswell Neck Road. Walk across Harpswell Neck Road and then around 400 feet down the wide, dirt Littlefield Road. The Hackett Trail begins on the right and the Minot Trail on the left. The trails connect to form one loop.

To locate our Seek'em, start on the Minot trail and follow it just a short distance until you see this tree on the right side of the trail. If you've made it to the smaller trail through the woods, you've gone too far.

Walk up to the tree and take a look around until you find the Seek'em. Here's a picture.

From here, the wider trail will lead to a smaller trail through mossy forest filled with vernal pools. Waterproof footwear is highly recommended!

This is also a perfect place for building fairy and gnome homes. It's quite magical here. You'll see.

I will leave you with a few pictures of the painted rocks that were here for the Easter hunt. Something to get you excited for next year.

One last tip, downtown Brunswick is not too far from here, and is a great little place to stop. There is a fun store on Main Street called Nest, that provides gifts for all ages. Happy adventuring!

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