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Gorham Pump Track & Frazier Preserve

This is the time of year when we start dusting off the bikes to explore new and old places to ride. Even if you're not into biking pump tracks, or running up and down the rolling hills when no one's looking (I've never done that), this trail has plenty to offer. Including the Seek'em I've hidden for you here.

The Lavoie Pump Track is Southern Maine's first. Rob Lavoie was the idea man behind this project, which came to fruition in 2019 through fundraising by the Gorham Conservation Commission and the Greater Portland New England Mountain Bike Association. A pump track is made of a series of raised bumps called "rollers", designed to be ridden by "pumping" your upper body over the hills without pedaling. They are great for all levels of riders, even balance bikes!

This pump track is connected to the Frazier Preserve, which includes 6-acres of single track trails through wetlands, forests, and streams. Dogs are allowed and really, I'm only sharing dog friendly trails these days since I don't really go anywhere without Romy. Romy who is now 77 pounds and takes up the entire back seat in my mini van. We should have named her Tiny.

To locate our Seek'em, follow the path to the left of the pump track. Go straight until you reach the River Run on your right. You'll see this DIY sign there. The "n"that runs down the post is truly my favorite part. So many creative souls out there, just looking for any outlet. I see you, I feel you, I appreciate you.

Take the River Run all the way until you reach this little bridge. Side note, there is a shortcut to this bridge if you start at the pump track and head right over the sand hill. Although then you would miss out on the journey through the River Run, . I'm only telling you about this in case you are having "a day" with your kids and need to make things easier on yourself. And if this is the case, no judgement, take the easy way.

However you find yourself at the bridge, you will see a little tree stump off to the left (see picture above). Take a look inside and you'll find our little man.

To locate the trailhead closest to the pump track, drive to Gorham Middle School. From there, follow Weeks Road past the fields, curving around the right side of the school. The trailhead will be on your right and you will likely see cars parked on the shoulder. The address to Gorham Middle School is 106 Weeks Road.

The pump track can be busy on weekends, so I'd suggest going on a weekday morning, if you can swing it. Have fun!!

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