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Frazier Preserve, Gorham

Located on 6 acres in downtown Gorham, the Frazier Preserve offers .75 miles of trails through wetlands, forests, and along streams. If you are a mountain biker, I'm sure you've already been here because it connects with a large network of Town of Gorham single track trails and includes Southern Maine's first pump track (accessed off of the Week's road trailhead).

Originally conserved by Gorham Trails, the preserve was incorporated into the Presumpscot Regional Land Trust in 2017. The pump track was created in 2019 and the Greater Portland New England Mountain Bike Association was responsible for that.

We parked at the trailhead located on Access Road near Gorham High School. The trails were wide and flat for most of the way. It was quiet and we did not see a single person (or bike) while here.

To find our Seek'em, follow the trail to the second boardwalk. It looks like this.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention something fun to look for. Just passed the first boardwalk, after crossing a street and getting back onto the trail, look for the really cool treehouse on your right. It's tucked into the woods, so you may have a hard time seeing it in this picture.

And, back to the Seek'em (adult onset ADD? possibly).

Once you find yourself on the second boardwalk, look to your left. You will see some logs covered in green moss that look like this.

Keep looking to the left for this tree with a little nook, just made for our Seek'em.

This trail is short, but you are welcome to extend it by connecting to the Cross Town Trail. There were parts of this trail that ran along a busy road, but it somehow remained a peaceful walk through a beautiful section of woods. I hope you enjoy it.

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