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Fore River Trail, Portland

Updated: Feb 17

Oftentimes, a fulfilling hike is less about the trail and more about the company you bring along. Henry and I had one of our better adventures yesterday on a mediocre trail. Why? We slowed down long enough for the natural beauty around us to reveal itself. Sure we had to look past some trash and the occasional Natty Light can. It is an urban trail after all. But what we discovered in our slower pace was quite impressive and definitely a surprise.

We chose the Fore River Trail this week in hopes of sharing a less icy hike with you. I'd guessed that the many boardwalks and full sun here would minimize the amount of ice. Luckily, I was right. What I didn't expect, was to find some incredible ice/rock formations after taking the short spur that leads down to the shore. Here we found rocks covered in lime green seaweed, surrounded by ice explosions. I've honestly never seen anything like it - so cool!

To see these natural beauties, park on Hobart Street, off of Congress (close to Shaw's). Once on Hobart, park about 1/10 of a mile down the road. You will see the Portland Trails sign on your right. Take this short trail down to the water's edge. Here you will find the rock art, in addition to a concrete stage filled with graffiti...that will definitely provide you and your kids with some interesting conversation for your hike. ;)

For a longer hike, take the short spur back to Hobart Street, then look for the Portland Trails sign across the street. This will lead you along the many boardwalks, all the way to Thompson's Point. Quick stop at Color Me Mine or Bissell Brother's Brewery anyone?

I will leave you with some of the beauty we found along this urban trail. The rest of these photos were taken by Henry. He sees and appreciates things that I just don't most children. That's why it's great to bring them along on these hikes. It's as much for us as it is for them.

Enjoy your hike, enjoy slowing down, and lastly, remember your spikes. There is still plenty of ice here. Soon enough, it will be mud, then all kinds of color and new life. Can't wait.


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