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Falmouth Nature Preserve

This property includes 2.5 miles of trails that wind through a mixed forest of hemlock, beech, maple and birch. Two main trails lead to the Mill Creek tidal estuary and marsh. The water is partially frozen right now, resulting in some beautiful ice patterns. Most of the trails are flat with some slight elevation on the trails leading to the salt marsh. This is a great place for hiking, cross country skiing and biking. Dogs are allowed, but on leash. These trails are, unfortunately, not handicapped accessible.

There is a small parking lot located off of ME Route 88, about 1.5 miles north of the intersection of 88 and US Route 1. The address is 178 Foreside Road.

To locate our Seek'em, take the red trail, which starts to the left of the kiosk/trail map. Just passed the first boardwalk, you will see a red marker on a tree to your right.

Once you spot the marker, look down to your left to find a wooden box.

There is a tree just beyond the box that has been well loved by a hungry woodpecker.

Look for our little friend, hiding in one of the woodpecker holes. I've heard our Seek'ems have been elusive fellows, so I'm hoping he is still there for you when you arrive. They are pretty cute, so I wouldn't blame anyone for slipping one in their pocket. I just hope, for your sake, that you do find him. Good luck!!


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