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Donnabeth Lippman Park, Windham

Formerly known as the Chaffin Pond Preserve, this 123 acre wooded area includes a 1.5 mile loop around a 10 acre pond. The dirt trail is flat and the snow is groomed in the winter. Dogs are allowed on leash. There is also a playground and picnic tables. It's a family friendly affair over here.

We followed the loop counter-clockwise, beginning at the storybook walk. The trail leads into the woods and away from the pond for a little while. Have no fear though, you'll return to those beautiful pond views.

Continue along the loop until you reach a long boardwalk, more than half of the way around the loop if you are following a map. Walk across the boardwalk until you spot the downed trees covered in gorgeous mushroom. Tucked inside one of these, is our Seek'em.

From here, the trail returns to the pond for many viewpoints. There is also an incredibly magical tree near the water that you'll come across. It begs for climbing, but has no low arms. Just a rope that was maybe used to hoist a friend up into the sturdy, strong branches with a view. The stories this tree could tell...

There were plenty of families hanging out and having a good time here when I visited. Maybe residents of Windham are already well aware of this place. I had no idea it existed, even though I've passed Chaffin Pond Road off of Route 302 about a hundred times. Here is the Maine Trail Finder link for directions:

Adventure on!


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