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Blue Point Preserve, Scarborough

Updated: Feb 17

As a believer in the idea that "less is more," I'm often surprised when I fail to apply that belief to my own life. When it comes to exploring trails, I gravitate towards longer, more challenging hikes. You know, the kind that give a sense of real accomplishment.

I'm still unlearning the false belief that life is about accomplishment and productivity. Still learning that play is of equal or greater value.

Less truly is more, which brings me to this week's trail - the Blue Point Preserve.

Located at 5 Seavey's Landing Road, on the way to Pine Point Beach, this trail offers a .6 mile loop leading to a bench with stunning views of the Scarborough marsh.

The Scarborough Land Trust purchased this property in 2019 and it now permanently protects about 800 feet of frontage along the marsh.

Here's some history from the SLT website: "Prior to European settlement, the Sokokis people of the Abenaki Trible might have foraged for shellfish in the type of sheltered tidal wetland that can be seen from the marsh viewpoint. Looking out from that same location as early as the 1600's, you might have seen people cutting channels in the wetland to control the tides and harvest salt marsh hay." Something fun to imagine while you relax on the bench, taking in the glorious view.

We followed the Northern Leg clockwise around the loop (left at the fork, just beyond the kiosk). Just before arriving at the marsh, stop to take a look at this fun climbing tree, which my son Henry and his friend also built a stick fort below.

Continue on to the marsh, where you just may spot some wild asparagus. Come again? That's right, asparagus. And as we discovered on this trip, the best way to get kids to gnaw down on vegetables is to let them pull it right out of the ground. Much more appealing than the cooked, buttered version they may find on their dinner plate...although we may beg to differ.

We also saw a train passing, while here. So much excitement on such a small trail.

On our ride back home, as I noticed feeling much more relaxed, Henry said, "That was really fun mom." He doesn't require big accomplishments to be happy. And after a full week, this short, easy hike was exactly what I needed to refill my reserves. A short walk, long sit on a bench with gorgeous views and good conversation. Enjoy!


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