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Bliss Woods, Freeport

Updated: Feb 17

This is the time of year when it's helpful to connect with your bliss and do the things that light you up. Lately I've been getting caught in the rapids of adult responsibilities and haven't done as much of what fills me up. In doing so, I've been reminded that "to do" lists are tough to complete when you're wearing multiple hats. I've also been reminded that if I'm not happy tackling those lists, no one around me is happy. No one wins in this scenario.

My new plan is to ditch the lists and follow my bliss...and I encourage you to join me. Whatever it is that brings you energy, maybe it's time to prioritize that. For me, it's a full day outdoors, preferably with a view (ocean, lake, or mountain), having real conversations with people who make me laugh. Maybe your idea of bliss looks nothing like mine. What matters is that you figure out what it looks like, and let more of it into your one life.

For now, follow me to Bliss Woods in Freeport. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Well it is. I took my mom here on Valentine's Day and we had a peaceful, gorgeous two hours in some very quiet woods. Bliss Woods is a short 1.1. mile loop, but it connects to Sayles Field via the Stonewood Trail, which is another 2.7 miles. This is the route we took and the one you'll need to take if you want to locate our Seek'em. Before I give you those details, here's more on Bliss Woods. This trail is fairly flat, although I would recommend some sort of spikes or crampons for your boots. The trail is rated as easy and dogs are allowed. These trails are about a mile and a half from the shores of the Harraseeket River and Casco Bay. The woods are filled with red oak, white pine, and red spruce.

The trailhead parking is easy to miss since there wasn't really a sign. That said, it is off of South Freeport Road and it will come up on GPS. There is a small dirt parking lot here and we did not see any other cars...or people on the trail.

Take the trail through Bliss Woods and stay right to connect with the Stonewood Trail. You will see clearly marked signs. Stay right the entire way and you will eventually end up at Sayles Field.

Enjoy! Here's to hoping you find your bliss this week...or at least a few blissful moments tucked into the day. You deserve it.


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