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New Trail Guide & Time to Pause

The revised trail guide, including 100 hikes in Greater Portland, will soon be sent to print!

For the past two years, we have explored a new local trail every week. This has led to loads of quality time with our families, friends, dogs, ourselves, the squirrels, birds, alewives and yes, the occasional tick. And of course, quality time with the life giving outdoors. I hope that discovering our local trails has helped you to feel more connected to this magical place we are lucky to live in. I know it's done that for me.

The culmination of our weekly adventures is this trail guide. And now, it is time to send this baby to print and time for me to focus on other things for a while.

I am going to take a pause from posting weekly about trails. However, I hope you continue to explore them. You can still earn an L.L. Bean gift card for completing five. Just let me know when you do! Find the full list of trails on my website here:

I will continue to share about larger hikes and other outdoor adventures as I feel inspired, although it may not be weekly. My hope is that you'll carry on with your own trail adventures. Why not challenge yourself to explore all 100 trails? Go for it!

I will let you know as soon as I have printed trail guides for purchase. Heartfelt thanks for joining me on this journey. 💛 Jill


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