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KMP is growing up and has a new name.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021


This labor of love has evolved since it was started back in 2014. Then, and for many years, the focus was on kids. Now that my boys are older, I am rediscovering kid-free hiking and outings. Naturally, this has led to a business evolution: one that is inclusive of outdoor adventure seekers across the life span. Kids are awesome, and important, but so are you. We all deserve and benefit from time outside.

In offering resources for life beyond childhood, clearly the name had to change. The new name brings clarity and a direction that is crystal clear: writing and sharing about the beautiful outdoor spaces that Maine has to offer, for ALL ages and abilities. Aside from the new inclusive age group, the goal remains the same:

To inspire an active, outdoor life and provide resources for a lifelong connection with the outdoors: any season, any ability, any age.

The Trail Challenge will continue indefinitely, with the new name OMP Trail Challenge. Once we've reached 100 trails (only 5 away!), we will revisit old trails and re-hide Seek'ems for you to find there. A new Trail Challenge will continue to be shared each Wednesday morning and I will also share Day Hikes, along with any outdoor events happening locally. If you don't receive your regular weekly email from me, check your "promotions" folder. It will be coming from a new email address and may be filtered out of your main inbox.

If you have suggestions for additional resources you would like me to offer, I'd love to hear from you!

Here is the new info:



Hashtag: OMPTrailChallenge

I plan to be active outdoors in my 90's, so this business will continue to evolve. Thank you for joining me on what has been a winding road. They do lead somewhere if you stay on them long enough. ;)

With love,



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