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Evergreen Cemetary, Portland

I wish I had posted this a week ago, because the fall colors were even more unbelievable then. Still, this place is full of color and endless kid friendly activities. In other exciting news, we will be hiding a new little guy for you to find on the trails every week. Love the hearts, but I seem to crave constant change an innovation, so it felt like time to switch things up. Plus, my husband makes the cutest fella's out of of clay and I think they'll be happy hanging out on the trails.

I will explain how and where to find him momentarily. First things first, let's talk about this amazing place filled with biking/walking trails, endless wooded trails, and three ponds that include prehistoric looking snapping turtles, egrets, ducks and frogs. Need I say more? Bring the bikes, the scooters, the skateboards and some nets.

At 239-acres, this is the second largest cemetary in Maine and Portland's largest open space. This is a sanctuary for wildife, birds, and people. It is also the site of the city's largest urban forest.

Now, for the treasure hunt. Park at the main entrance on Steven's Avenue and take the road/path to the left of the stone church. This is Highfield Ave. Follow this paved road until you reach a T intersection (you can also continue straight onto a dirt road, but don't go that way). Take a left and head towards a monument enclosed by a circular paved path. Take either side of this circle, down the hill to Woodlawn Ave. Go about 1/10 of a mile and you will see the intersection of Woodlawn and Redwood (pictured below). Take a left and follow this road to the Lancewood Ave Sign. Directly across from this sign, find the trailhead to a wooded path, near the Portland Trails sign.

Once on the dirt trail, immediately take a right and stay to the right the entire time. You will be following red blazes. At the first bridge you come to, check underneath for our little guy. He will be tempted to jump in your little pocket and go home with you, but please leave him there for our other friends to find. This path will eventually spit you out near the turtle ponds.

Here is a map if you would like to some more help. You can also find an interactive map of the cemetary roads here:

I took this from a sign at the cemetary and did not draw the "you!" onto this picture. However, that is the spot where you'll end up if you follow my directions. Which I hope are good and clear. Happy adventuring!

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