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Cumberland Town Forest

Updated: Feb 17

These wide gravel trails, lined with benches, are wonderful for all ages and abilities! Dogs are also permitted, but must be on leash. There is no hunting in the Town Forest, but hunting is allowed in nearby property. Please remember to wear your orange - hunting season is now.

Located at 290 Tuttle Road in Cumberland, this 75-acre community forest includes two trail loops covering 2 miles in network. Parking is at the Cumberland Town Hall and you will find the trailhead to the left of the building. The kiosk offers a large map of the trail, so you can choose which path to take.

Romy and I had a puppy training class to get to, so we opted for the 1.5 mile, blue loop that takes you through the forest section only. This loop also includes a story walk. If you don't see storybook posts, you are on a different trail.

Once you've made it past three or four storybook posts, you will arrive at a bench near a tree with a sign, pointing to the storybook forest walk on the right.

Now, we didn't actually take the right, which would complete the storybook walk. We continued straight to stay on the blue loop. If you have young (or old) ones and would prefer a shorter walk, take the right and it will quickly loop you back to the trailhead. If you have more energy, continue straight for the 1.5 mile loop.

The fall colors are absolutely gorgeous right now and each section of trail seemed to offer a different color palette. The other thing I loved about this trail - it includes a series of 16 trail markers that help identify habitat zones and flora. I'm someone who has trouble with tree identification, so I really appreciated these signs!

The loop ends with a section of tall reeds on the right. Again, the colors...just stunning this time of year. Happy trails!

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Rebecca Wertheimer
Rebecca Wertheimer
Nov 03, 2021

Thank you for yet another trail with so many options!!

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