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Clifford Park, Biddeford

Updated: Feb 17

My kids asked to come here for the skate park, but we discovered oh so much more. In addition to the small skate/scooter park, there are 5.1 miles of wooded trails here that include large areas of rock/ledge. If your kids are anything like mine, they will have a field day rock climbing and parkouring their way through these trails. This would also be a really great place for mountain biking. Oh, and did I mention the story book path for our younger hikers? And the waterfall? Who knew that all of this would be waiting for you in Biddeford.

Clifford Park is located at 130 Pool Street. In addition to all of the amenities I just mentioned, this 140 acre park also offers tennis courts, a basketball court, playground, seasonal restrooms and picnic areas. We did not make it to the waterfall due to some low blood sugar caused by too much parkour and not enough snacks. However, extra points for anyone who finds it and sends me a picture! According to Maine Trail Finder's directions, "A scenic waterfall is located just outside the park grounds along the east side near Parkside Drive (just off the red trail)."

Last, but not least, bring your dog here. If you don't have a dog, borrow one. I'm planning to do just that the next time we come.

Happy hiking and if you do come here, send a picture of that gorgeous waterfall I know is out there somewhere.


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