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Blackstrap Hill Preserve, Falmouth

After a temporary closure during mud season, these trails just opened back up and we are so glad they did. This preserve offers prime mountain biking and includes one of our favorite mountain bike paths - the Flow Creek Trail. This trail, built in 2019, is machine built and features step-ups (jumps), rollers (humps), tabletops (flat top humps), and berms (banked turns). It is literally a rollercoaster on a bike. Young bikers should definitely be accompanied by an can be a bit technical. And always be on the lookout for more experienced mountain bikers that seem to appear out of nowhere.

To easily access the Flow Creek Trail, park in the lot at 108 Hurricane Road. From there, head down the Hayfield Trail and then bike (or walk your bike)al the way up the very, very long hill, past the fields on your right to the top. Head into the woods on a rockier dirt trail and you will soon come to the trailhead on your left. It looks like this.

The flow trail is all downhill, so you will need to hike back up after each run. Expect to be tired, and expect your kids to sleep well.

After a few runs, head back down the hill and take a right onto the Blackstrap River Trail, which is mostly flat single track that follows the river. There are some roots here, but it is considered a green trail, so hopefully new mountain bikers can manage it. We started coming here when the boys first started mountain biking and it was a good challenge. Now, they absolutely love it.

In addition to biking, you can also showshoe, cross country ski, fish, horseback ride and hike here. It's a gorgeous piece of property and the largest block of contiguous protected open space in Falmouth. Just a warning, deer ticks are common here and I actually found two on myself during our last visit. Just make sure to do your tick checks at night and everything will be ok. Ticks happen.

Now for our Seek'em. I found a pretty perfect tree to hide our little man in this time. Start at the top of the Flow Creek Trail. Make sure to go ALL the way to the start. There are many small openings to this trail, but one main trailhead at the very top. You'll know when you get there...just keep climbing. From the start, head over 4 humps, then look for the white birch on the right, leaning into another tree. Look on the other side of the birch and you will see 3 large holes (thank you Mr. Woodpecker). I hid our friend inside one of these holes.

I will leave you with a picture from one of my winter hikes here. During this visit, I parked at the dirt lot off of Blackstrap Road, 1/4 mile north of Mountain Road and found myself on the waterfall trail. Although there are plenty of mountain bikers on this end of things, it seems a little less busy than the Hurricane Road entrance. Plenty to explore here, enjoy every minute of your adventure.

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