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Bear, Chipmunk and Moose Trail Loop, Yarmouth

Updated: Feb 17

I discovered this loop while doing a Yarmouth search on All Trails and just loved the name of it. Little did I realize until I got here, that these trails are part of the Pratt's Brook Park...and I had been here before. Although I set out to hike the 3.3 mile Bear, Chipmunk, Moose loop, I ended up taking a detour because I was oddly drawn to the Otter Trail when I spotted it on the map. I'm glad I followed my instincts (always do that) because I discovered a quiet trail with a rocky waterfall, perfect for kids to explore...and our Seek'em.

All Trails brought me to the Ledge's Road trailhead. Here is the link if you'd like directions and navigation while here.

This trailhead will take you on the long, wide, Bear Trail before connecting with Moose Trail. At this intersection, you will find a large map, showing you all of the many animal trails that exist here, including: bear, moose, coyote, deer, chipmunk, fox, raccoon, rabbit, skunk, otter, muskrat and cougar.

Take a right onto Moose Trail and follow it all the way to Otter Trail. Head down the rooty, narrow path until you arrive at the water and an Otter sign on a tree. There is a waterfall to explore here and I'm pretty sure your kids will love it.

If you would like a shorter route to the Otter Trail, take the North Road Trailhead. Here you will find a gated entrance with parking for 30 cars. I believe there is a map at this trailhead to help orient you. Or you can find Pratt's Brook on Maine Trail Finder here.

There are 6 miles of trails to explore at Pratt's Brook and many variations of animal loops. Dogs are allowed off leash here, which is always a bonus. It is also a great place for cross country skiing in the winter. Choose your adventure and follow your path of choice to the Otter Trail. I'll leave you with a map. Have fun!


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